10 Valentine's and Date Night Nail Ideas To Get You In The Mood For Love

Valentine's Day is coming up fast, so you want to make sure you have everything prepared. You've got your outfit set (a cute dress and heels sounds good), but what about your nails? If you're not getting a professional mani this year and are painting them at home, you might be wondering what color to go with. There are so many options!

To help you figure it out, we've rounded up our favorite options from our Valentine’s Day nail wrap collection that'll work for the V-day and beyond. So if you're looking for some nail inspiration that will have you feeling flirty, sexy and ready for love, here are 10 Valentine's Day Nail Ideas to get you in the mood for love.

#1: Baby Pink Half Moon with Hearts  

If you want something simple but elegant, try the Queen of Hearts Semicured Gel Nail Wrap. It's a subtle look that will never go out of style— in fact, this delicate half-moon pink nail wraps with a hint of heart might be just what you need to show off some Valentine's spirit without going overboard.  

#2: Red and Plaid 

If you'd rather have something a little more bold and eye-catching, this red and pink gingham with silver glitter lining nail wrap design is calling your name! It has all the colors of Valentine’s! Just a tip, it goes best with a slinky cocktail dress! 

#3: French Pastel Tips 

We also love all the pastel designs - perfect for February 14th! Our Candy French Semicured Gel Nail Wraps are unique, but cute that you are sure to love! Not only are these nail wraps perfect for Valentine's Day, but they are also great for any special occasion.  


#4: Fierce Red with Gold Flakes

Embrace the spirit of Valentine's Day with this bright red nail wraps with gold flakes. It's the perfect color to pop on before heading out to dinner with your sweetheart. This can also be a fun color to wear on any day – after all, it's just as much about spreading the love as it is being in love!  

#5: Sparkling Red 

Have a night out with your girlfriends and celebrate the night away with our gorgeous Red Glitz Nail Wrap design featuring a vibrant red hue infused with a high dose of sparkling glitter for a seasonless, dancefloor-ready manicure. If a statement design is what you're after, then this glittery look is perfect for you!   

#6: Unique Heart French Tips

Add some flair to your look on Valentine's Day with our Heart’s Rule Nail Wraps. Wear your heart on your nails with this cute mix of hearts and sweet nothings, perfect for Valentine’s Day or all year long!  

#7: Red and Pink Gingham 

Don't go looking for love this Valentine's Day – find it on your fingers and toes with our Love Letter Nail Wrap, featuring the colorful tones of Cupid's holiday.  With a mix of red and pink hues, our Red and Pink Gingham Nail Wraps is the perfect way to show your digits some love. 

#8: Jelly Pink with Red Heart

Don't go looking for love this Valentine's Day – find it on your fingers and toes with our Jelly heart Nail Wraps. These nail wraps provide a cute, girly light pink look featuring a delightful red heart. With the simplicity and ease of application, you'll get a flawless manicure every time.

#9: Pink Marble with Gold Glitter 

Love is a beautiful thing - make it shine on Valentine's Day with these Rose Quartz Nail Wraps. The pink marble effect adds a touch of luxe to any outfit, whilst gold accents complete the look with a touch of glamour. 

#10: Merlot Red

What color screams Valentine's Day more than Merlot Red? You'll love the way this deep red nail wraps flatter your hands. Perfect for an intimate night on the town, our Merlot Red Nail Wraps will add sophistication and elegance to your look this V-day and beyond. 

#11: Smiley Heart 

What can you do to make your nails pop this Valentine's Day? Show your sunny side with these Smiley Heart Nail Wraps. Cheery and cute, these fun nail wraps featuring adorable smiley-faced hearts are perfect for a date night or a girl's night out. 

Take your Nail Game to the Next Level this V-Day 

When it comes to Valentine's Day, you know how it goes. You'll be tempted to go for the same old look: a simple red heart or a set of red and pink French tips, maybe a little glitter. Don't get us wrong — we love those, too! But this year, why not try something different? 

Whether you're going out on a hot date or having a girls' night out, our nail wraps will help you level up your nail game this V-day and beyond! The best part? Our nail wraps last up to two weeks, meaning they will see you through until the end of February without chipping. Shop your style here and don't forget to share which ones you're planning on wearing!


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