6 Chinese New Year Nail Ideas for 2022

If you've ever been to a Chinese New Year celebration, you know that red and gold are the colors of luck and fortune. So how better to get in the spirit of things than by rocking some festive nails? (And if you don't celebrate the Chinese New Year, these types of designs are also great for Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras and Cinco de Mayo.) 


Whether you're simply looking for a fun polish to wear this Chinese New Year or just hoping for some extra luck in the year ahead, here's the ultimate guide to bringing in the Chinese New Year with your nails.  

Bright Red with Gold Glitter Half moon Nail Wraps for Luck and Fortune 

Celebrate in style this Chinese New Year with our Red and Gold Glitter Half Moon Nail Wraps. Boasting shiny red nail wraps in a half-moon shape, these nail wraps are embellished with vibrant red and gold glitter representing good fortune and luck. These red nail wraps are perfect when wearing a gorgeous red dress. Easy to apply and long-lasting, you'll be the envy of others with these lucky nails! 


Ring in the New Year with This Red Glam Nail Wrap 

Let your nails bask in the glow of good fortune and happiness with these festive, flashy and fancy red nail wraps. With gold flakes and silver glitter to bring in good luck and happiness for the year ahead, these nail wraps will not only make your nails mesmerizing but will help you seize the power of luck as well. This festive and fancy nail wraps capture the essence of Chinese New Year celebrations, but are also perfect to wear all year long.   


Bring Good Fortune to Your Fingertips with This Red and Gold French Nail Wrap

Add a bit of glitter and shine to your nails for the Chinese New Year with these glorious red French nail wraps. Each nail wrap features a glossy red hue paired with sparkling gold accents that are sure to make your nails stand out. Perfect for accenting your look from New Year's Day brunch through the parade or fireworks, these wraps add just the right amount of bling to any outfit.  

Get Your Nail Ready with This Festive Cherry Red Nail Wraps

Nothing says Happy Chinese New Year like a bright red manicure.  Brightening up your nails with festive, bold colors is the perfect way to welcome happiness and prosperity, both for you and all of your loved ones.  Get ready for the Year of the Tiger with a bright red manicure. 

Red Glitter Toenail Wraps for A Toe-Tally Lucky Nail Look 

No shoe reveals a new outfit better than the toe. And no outfit needs to be better revealed than during this Chinese New Year!  Treat your tootsies to our Red Glitter Toenail Polish Wraps and be toe-tally mesmerizing this Chinese New Year!  Not only will they match almost any colored shoe, but they also have a 3D glitter effect that is designed to make you look even more chic and playful. 

Red Marble with Gold Accents-The Perfect Nail Wrap for Chinese New Year

Get ready for a lunar new year with a manicure that shines as bright as the fireworks in the sky!  This red nail wraps' crisp, elegant formula mimics handmade Chinese marbling, and gold glitter adds majestic, sparkling accents. With a dash of metallic gold undertones, this festive color is perfect for bringing good fortune and fortune to new beginnings in the New Year! 

 stunning red marble with bright gold accents

Wear your aspirations on your nails this Chinese New Year

Ride your way to good luck and fortune with our Chinese New Year nail wraps. Whether you spin the wheel of fortune, roll like a pair of dice, or pay-to-play at the goldfish bowl, our festive Chinese New Year Themed Nail Wraps are sure to bring good luck for this holiday. Our nail wraps are a quick fix for your nails and easy to apply, but best of all, they look amazing and mesmerizing on all outfits! Whether you're looking to branch out or just need something fresh and festive, these nail wraps are the perfect look to start off the New Year right.  

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