Damage-Free Nail Wrap Removal: How to Remove Your Nail Wraps without Damaging Your Natural Nails

Removing your nail wraps from Pretty Fab Nails is as easy as putting them on, and you can do this without damaging your natural nails or creating a mess. 

All you need is a cuticle pusher (which is included in our nail wrap kit) and a regular nail polish remover or acetone. To start, prepare the acetone or any regular nail polish remover. Grab your cuticle pusher and dip it on the acetone and start to gently run it under your wrap. Move the cuticle pusher back and forth to take the nail wrap off your nail. Just continue pushing the nail off your nail until the wrap come off cleanly with no nail damage. 

And, just like that, your nail are clean and are ready for a re-wrap! 

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