Gel Nail Wraps: The Newest Nail-Art Trend that Changes Your Nail Game

If you are someone who likes to keep up with the latest grime and glam trends, you may have heard of gel manicures. Glossy, long-lasting IG-worthy nails…yes, please! But, the price tag and damage they can do to your natural nails can be pretty harsh. 

We're all for a manicure that lasts, but none of us wants to ruin our nails just to get that. If you like the idea of gel nails but hate the lengthy, expensive salon appointment and removal process, there's a new nail trend that could be game-changing (literally). Meet the no mess, no damage and inexpensive alternative to gel polish: gel nail wraps.  

What is Gel Nail Wraps?  

Gel nail wraps have been the newest trend in gel nails. From celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Christina Hendricks, to nail salons like Olive & June and Paintbox, to beauty stores like CVS and Walgreens, everyone is talking about them.

But what exactly are gel nail wraps?

Gel nail wraps are basically like stickers for your nails, but on steroids — they're made of actual gel that you apply to your nails and then cure with a UV light. The result is something similar to gel nail polish, but easier to apply and lasts even longer than gel. You can expect your gel nail wrap mani to last up to two weeks before you see any sign of chipping or peeling. Here's the best part: Unlike traditional gels or acrylics, these don't do any damage to your natural nails underneath so they can actually help strengthen them over time!

How Do You Apply Gel Nail Wraps?

Applying gel nail wraps is extremely easy and takes less than 10 minutes! In fact, it only takes these easy steps and you’ll have the best looking nails in no time: 

Step 1: Prep Your Nails

Prepping your nails is the most important thing you can do to ensure a long-lasting manicure. The first step to applying gel nail wraps is to make sure you have clean, dry nails. Wash your hands with soap and water, and then dry them. You can file them and use a cotton ball or pad soaked in nail polish remover to remove any traces of oil from your nails. This will help the gel nail wraps adhere better.  

Step 2: Applying Starts, Choose the Size! 

Choose the right size nail wrap that fits each of your nails. Then peel off the protective and apply each nail wrap to your nails, starting at your cuticle and pressing down firmly as you smooth it to the tip of your nail to squeeze out any air bubbles.

Step 3: Trim those Excess Away and Seal

Trim off any excess wrap with scissors or a nail file and seal with a gel polish top coat.

Step 4: Cure it and Flaunt!

Once all nails have been applied and filed, cure them under a UV lamp for 10 minutes and voilà! You now have salon-quality gel nails without leaving your house or breaking the bank! 

How Long Do Gel Nail Wraps Last?

The durability of a gel nail wrap depends on the quality of the product, proper application and how well you care for them.

A high-quality gel nail wrap can last up to two weeks. A poorly-made one could start peeling off in as early as a day. In general, you can expect your gel nail wrap to last about two weeks. However, there are several factors that can affect this duration:

  • Quality of the product: The better the quality, the longer it will last. Some brands sell cheap products that start peeling off just a few days after application. On the other hand, some brands sell premium products that last up to three weeks. 
  • Proper application: It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when applying a set of wraps to get the best results.
  • How well you care for them: Gel nail wraps are fairly low maintenance, but they should be protected from water and any harsh chemicals such as nail polish remover or acetone.

What are the Advantages of Using Nail Wraps 

In case you need more convincing before trying out this trend, here are five reasons why gel nail wraps are changing the nail-art game:

Gel Nail Wraps are Super Versatile  

Because they're made with 100% real gel, they can be used on both natural and artificial nails. They come in a huge range of colors and finishes -from matte black to sparkly pinks to chrome silver, so you can experiment with different looks until you find the one that's perfect for you.

Gel Nail Wraps are an Easier Way to Get the Perfect Manicure.

They’re perfect for busy people who want to save time and money on getting their nails done—and can be a great way to try out new styles without paying a ton of cash or having to go back to the salon every time you want a new look. The application is super easy and quick. There are no brushes or polishes involved, so there's no room for error when applying the product. All you do is pick the size that fits your nails the best, press it on and file down the excess sticker part with a nail file.

Gel Nail Wraps Stay On for a Long Time

The best part about gel nail wraps is that they dry instantly and last for up to two weeks, making them a great alternative to salon visits (or home manicures). The only time we suggest taking them off early is if you notice your nails are growing out and the wraps are starting to lift at the ends.

Gel Nail Wraps are Easy to Remove 

Gel manicures have been around for a while now, but there's always been one glaring issue: the removal process.Whether you're going to the nail salon or taking on the tedious process of removing gel nails at home, it can take a lot of time and effort to get them off.  In order to do so, you must soak your nails in acetone for up to 30 minutes, wrap them in cotton balls and tin foil, and then continue soaking until the polish lifts off.

This "soaking" method can wreak havoc on cuticles, which can become dry and cracked from the acetone. It can also weaken weak nails and cause allergic reactions to acetone.

Gel nail wraps give you the same strong, shiny nails as a gel manicure, but they're much easier to remove. Unlike a gel manicure, a gel nail wrap doesn't require you to use an electric file or to apply acetone nail polish remover.  When you're ready to change your look, simply remove the gel nail wraps with common household items such as acetone and a cotton ball

Where to Buy the Most Stylish and Affordable Gel Nail Wraps

Are you tired of the hassle and expense of gel polish? Do you want an alternative that’s faster, easier and more affordable?

Then it’s time to try Pretty Fab Nails’ Semicured Gel Nail Polish Wraps

Our Gel Nail Wraps give you the same amazing look as gel nails, but without the extra cost or hassle. Plus, they’re easy to do yourself at home, so they’re perfect for busy moms, professionals, students and anyone else who wants the benefits of gel polish without having to take the time and money to go to a salon. The best part: Our wraps are completely free of hazardous chemicals, so you won’t have to worry about damaging or drying out your nails when you peel them off. 

Each set comes with 20 double-ended UV/LED gel nail strips, enough for two manicure applications. No matter what your style is, we have something that fits. Our collections include:

  • Basics: a solid color in every shade imaginable
  • Patterns: everything from houndstooth checks to leopard print
  • Glitter/Foil: sparkle and shine available in every color
  • Mix & Match: mix and match solid colors and patterns for a custom look

We offer free domestic shipping on all orders over $29! Stock up on our stunning gel nail wrap designs so you have plenty in reserve for quick manicures whenever you need them!




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