Get Your Nails Done Like A Pro: 4 Minimalist Nail Designs You Can Do at Home

Hands and fingers are part of the overall image that we portray for business and personal relationships. When we have ragged, chipped nails, it detracts from our self-image. Unfortunately, most busy women know how tough it is to keep your nails looking beautiful and painted! Whether it's moving around a great deal or just plain not having the time, finding time to get your nails done can be a challenge. Our lives are busy, and regular visits to the nail salon can be an impossible luxury. 

For those that want to keep their nails trimmed and polished, but do not have the time or money for visiting a nail professional, these gel nail polish wraps are the perfect solution. With these pre-made nail wraps now you can easily and quickly create beautiful minimalist nail designs at home or anywhere you are without the expense or time of an expensive trip to the salon. 

White Gel Nail Polish Wraps

White is the aspirational color of women looking for elegance and classic looks. Not only does a white nail sparkle under powerful halogen lights, but it also gives off a sense of cleanliness and purity. However, it can be challenging to keep white nails looking luscious day after day as blemishes and imperfections can be easily seen in this color. 

Polished to perfection with a soft white shade with these White Gel Nail Polish Wraps. The no-fuss formula keeps it looking as white as the driven snow until you are ready to take it off. 

With these nail polish wraps that are made from 100 percent real gel nail polish, you can have classy white nails without worrying about chipping and smearing.

In a society filled with flashy designs and bold colors, it's important to go back to the basics from time to time. After all, white nails are easy to upkeep and they always look cool no matter what the occasion! 

White colored nails and yellow rose petals

Ballerina Pink Gel Nail Polish Wrap

Who doesn't love pink nails? Pink nails are feminine, sweet, young and sexy. Pink is a happy color and its versatility can meet the needs of individuals in any situation. Whether you're going out at night or getting ready for a summer day, our pink nails can complement any outfit. 

If you are in a festive mood and don't want to stand out too much with other fancy nail art designs, then this Pink Gel Nail Polish Wrap is the best choice you can make! You will see just how easy it is to make a beautiful pink nail art design as soon as you get started! 

Ballerina Pink Colored Nails

Black Gel Nail Polish Wraps 

A breathtaking black acrylic manicure is a bold style for women who don't play by the rules.  Black manicure is always a popular look among stylish women. Rich black is a versatile color that you can wear for any occasion. Whether you're heading to the office or going out for the night, black nails are always flattering. And with our rich black formula, your nails will have depth and dimension to match any outfit.

Our Black Gel Nail Wraps feature a glossy, durable finish that helps protect your natural nails from breaking or cracking. They're easy to apply and remove, and each kit comes with 24 long and extra-long nails along with a cushioned surface for your own nail art design ideas. When it's time to change out your nails, just slip off the old set and apply the new ones. 

Pinot Noir Soft Gel Nail Strips

If there was another word for charming, that would describe these Pinot Noir Gel Nail Polish Wraps.  A straightforward design is adorned with a vibrant shade of red to draw in the eye. The nail wraps are shiny and classy, providing a classy manicure solution for your distinct personality. 

With our red wine nail wraps, it’s never been easier to have a red manicure at home. These wraps can be used on any nail color, and enhance them with a deep red glow that suits any occasion. You can custom design your own manicure by picking your favorite nail shape, top coat, and decorations. Made from real wraps to give a more natural appearance, these additions give you effortless polish in an instant. Simply cut out each shape, line it up over your nails, and seal with top coat-it’s that simple!

Get Your Nails Done Like A Pro 

As a busy woman, you deserve a manicure that won't let you down - which is why we developed these fashion-forward Gel Nail Polish Wraps. They're the perfect combination of style and durability, specially formulated to last without the painful acetone, making them both tear- and smudge-proof. These Gel Nail Wraps are designed to be quick on and quick off, so you can have salon-quality manicures at home whenever you want.  

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