Nail Polish Wrap Application Tips + Advice!

Our nail wraps are a super easy and convenient way to get an insta-manicure! If you are new to using nail wraps, we have a quick list of tips for you to get the most out of Pretty Fab Nails' nail wraps! If you have tried nail wraps before and they didn't work for you, try some of these tips below! Peeling and lifting can be prevented with proper preparation and application.

Proper nail prep is key. Clean your nails prior to application with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to remove any oils. Lightly buff with a mild nail buffer to smooth the surface of your nail. 

Make sure not to place nail wrap on top of your cuticle or too close to your cuticle, as this may cause the sticker to prematurely lift due to improper adhesion. If the nail wrap is applied to your cuticle instead of your nail, it will peel off too early. 

To give the nail wrap enough time to adhere properly, apply just before bedtime or wait a few hours after you apply before submerging in water or doing anything harsh like cleaning or showering. 

Sealing is very important! You can use a clear nail polish top coat like our very own InstaGlo or Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, or take it a step further by using a gel top coat. This will dramatically improve the wear time of your nail wraps.

Remember to seal the end of your nail tip when applying a clear coat.


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