Waterslide Nail Decal Application Instructions

Our waterslide nail decals are a fun way to create unique nail art designs without being an artist or making a huge mess! Basically they are images printed on clear film that you apply onto your nail.

Here's the breakdown:

1. Remove sheet from it's plastic sleeve or plastic film covering.

2. Cut out the decals you would like to apply. Make sure you cut them out individually and work on one at a time. Cut as closely as you can around the image.

3. Place the decal in a small or shallow bowl of room temperature water. Let sit for about 5 seconds.

4. Using a tweezer, remove the decal from the water.

5. Gently slide the decal off it’s backing sheet and onto your nail. A tweezer should help with this as well.

6. Using a lint free wipe or paper towel, gently pat the design onto your nail. This should remove excess water.

7. Once dry and in place, apply 1-2 coats of clear top coat. Gel, acrylic or polygel recommended.



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