Can You Use Gel Base Coat With Nail Wraps?

If you are new to nail wraps or are curious about how gel can be used with traditional nail polish wraps or semi-cured gel nail wraps, the answer is yes – BUT application is not the same. We recommend this method for anyone wanting their nail wraps to last longer.

How To Use Gel Base Coat with Nail Wraps

You will need a UV/LED lamp, a gel base coat, and rubbing alcohol or alcohol prep wipes. This will work for both regular nail polish wraps and semi-cured gel nail wraps.

1. Your nail should be clean, prepped and ready to go just as you would a regular nail wrap mani - cuticles pushed back, nail plate gently buffed and oils removed with rubbing alcohol or acetone.

2. Apply a layer of gel base coat, then cure for one to two cycles under the lamp.

3. Remove the sticky inhibition layer with rubbing alcohol. This is CRUCIAL.

4. Apply nail wrap manicure as normal

PROTIP: If you are looking for more strength, you can follow step 2 with a layer of builder gel. This will add thickness and help prevent your natural nail from breaking.

Why introduce gel base coats with nail wraps?

By applying a layer of gel base coat to your nail with the method described above, you are creating a more even surface for nail wraps to adhere. Gel is typically self-leveling which creates a smoother finish than your natural nail would have. Otherwise, natural ridges in the nail plate or over-buffing can cause poor adhesion.

Benefits of using gel base coat with your nail wrap mani:

  • Nail wraps last longer and adhere better
  • Protects your natural nail

The downside to this method is that you would have to remove the gel base layer separately. Follow instructions on the bottle for removal - but typically removal would be:

1. File the surface to remove some shine

2. Saturate a cotton ball with acetone

3. Apply to your nail held in place with aluminum foil (we like these reusable silicone holders though!)

4. Scrape the gel off

5. Remove any residue with acetone

TLDR; Yes, you can use a base coat with nail wraps IF you remove the sticky layer with rubbing alcohol.

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