70s Retro Hippie


Have you been yearning for 70s style nails but have no idea how to get them looking right? Now getting the cool 70s look is easy with our 70s Retro Hippie Nail Polish Wraps! 

  • Simply peel the nail polish off of your nail and on onto your nail-it's so simple to do and it is a very fun thing to do with your girlfriends while getting ready for that big party or special event.
  • Inspired by the mod world of the 70s, we have lovingly recreated these stunning nail wraps to bring that era back into the fashion spotlight.
  • Sparkling with bright colors of red, orange and mustard with hippie flowers details, these nail wraps will help you stand out among the crowd, whether out to dinner or at a festival where you can channel your inner hippie flower child.

70s Retro Hippie
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