Bright Yellow Smiley


Smile like a happy sunbeam with our Bright Yellow Smiley Face Nail Wraps! A perfect manicure for summer and carefree times, these Bright Yellow Smiley Face nail wraps are the happiest nails in town!

  • Our Bright Yellow Smiley Face Nail Wraps are the perfect accessory for your next night out or just an everyday reminder that things will be alright.
  • They are ultra-thin, super stretchy, and incredibly easy to apply ― even if you've never applied nail wraps before. Simply peel off the backing of the nail wrap, carefully place it on your nail, trim around the edges with our included mini nail scissors, and apply top coat! 
  • Plus, they can last up to 10 days (with no chipping or peeling)! 
Bright Yellow Smiley
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