Gold Night Sky Star Nail Stickers


2 Sheets of Gold Nail Decals included

If you’re always looking to the stars to guide you, these Celestial Nail Stickers will make you feel like one with the universe. These shimmering, gilded crescent moons, starbursts, and constellations celebrate the awe-inspiring beauty of a twinkling night sky. Their 3D design also adds a luxurious, embossed look that will gives extra dimension to absolutely any manicure.

For best results, apply Nail Stickers using our Fine Point Nail Art Tweezer Tool

- Easy Application: Just Peel, Stick, & Press
- Raised, 3D Design
- Remains Securely In Place Until Removal
- Apply To Polished, Wrapped, or Natural Nails
- Simply Peel, Stick, & Press
- Luxurious Embossed Design
- Shimmering Golden Finish

Gold Night Sky Star Nail Stickers
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