Mini UV Gel Lamp

$9.99 $6.99

Best nail lamp for professional UV curing at home. Whether you like to make your own nails (UV and LED combined), want to repair damaged nails or looking for the best manicure, this lamp is the right pick! 

  • Professional High Quality Nail Gel Lamp: Features dual UV+LED light source, uses touch control buttons to adjust lamp effect. It can dry and cure most gel polish wraps in no time, creating super shiny nails. 
  • No Harm To Eyes And No Burns On Skin: This advanced UV lamp has a light source of 380nm wavelength, which is close to white light. It is a safe and effective alternative to the traditional one with a wavelength of 365 nm or lower. 
  • Compact and Portable:  This portable pocket-size UV nail lamp is lightweight and won’t take up too much space in your nail kit. You can easily take it with you when you go on a trip and you can do your manicure anytime and anywhere when you have it with you. This portable UV lamp can be plug into USB port or power bank, making it ideal for woman-on-the-go. 
  • Powerful Nail Curing: Lightweight, economical and portable tool come together in one powerful solution that will be your nail drying weapon for any time you run low on time. This powerful UV/LED nail lamp can dry nails evenly and quickly. 
  • Power: 6W
  • Includes USD power cable.
  • Not wireless.
  • Cure our gel wraps or gel top coats twice with this lamp.
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