Smiley Toe Pedicure Nail Strips

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Smiley Toe Nail Polish Wraps will add a smile to anyone's face. Happy toes are the best way to spread some sunshine. Dress up your toes with these brightly colored, smiley-faced nail polish wraps. Brightly colored and highly entertaining; Smiley Toe Nail Wraps feature a smiley face on your big toe and long toe, while the rest of your toes have contrasting colors of blue and white.

An instant mood lifter that you can apply in an instant too! Just simply press the strip on clean, dry nails. The high-quality 100% nail polish adheres to both natural and artificial nails and will last for weeks!  They're reusable, so you can change the look of your manicure as often as you'd like. A great gift idea, too!

Smiley Toe Pedicure Nail Strips
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