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Peach Quartz Nail Polish Wraps

Get a trendy, polished look with our gorgeous Peach Quartz Nail Polish Wraps. These Peach Quartz nail wraps are tone-on-tone with earthy browns and golds. Inspired by the stunning brownish pink hue of genuine Peach Quartz crystals, these nail wraps are a great accent to any outfit. They're a quick and easy way to transform your look for any special occasion while adding a touch of elegance. Unlike other nail wraps, these wraps will not bubble or stretch, will not damage your nails and are very easy to apply (full instructions provided) lasting up to 2 weeks or more! 

What Makes Our Pretty Fab Nail Wraps Different? 

Fun and Mess-free DIY Manicure

Have fun replicating those trendy manicures on Instagram with our easy-to-apply nail wraps that will have everyone asking where you got your nails done! All you need is a nail file and a nail wrap topcoat (for added gloss and protection), and you’re ready to say goodbye to the mess of liquid nail polish and welcome a fun DIY manicure. 

Get that Salon-like Nail Art

Our long-lasting nail wraps are 100% made from real nail polish, so they’re just as glossy, pretty, and pigmented as the real deal! Get those instagramable nails at home without spending much money and time with our self-adhesive, high-quality, and durable nail wraps that can last up to 15 days. 

Toxic-Free Nail Wraps

All of our nail wraps are made with non-toxic formula and are free of the three dangerous chemicals-DBP, toluene & formaldehydethat are commonly present in most nail polish and nail stickers on the market. Our nail wraps allow you to achieve gorgeous and fab nails without exposing your body to any harsh chemicals that may harm your health.