Spring Boho Floral Overlay
If you have an outlook that is decidedly Zen, these nail polish strips are a fresh, fabulous way to take your look to the next level. Splashes of color and organic design elements come together in an understated nail color...
Crystal Clear Gel Nail Wraps
Completely clear semicured gel nail wraps for added strength and protection to natural nails.   NG200052

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I absolutely love these. They were easy to apply and exactly are described. Wore them for about 2 weeks and they held up really well!



OCT 21ST 2021

My first time using wraps like this. Easy to apply and has stayed on well for a week and a half (and still going strong). Very fun and much more affordable than manicures. Will be purchasing more



OCT 14TH 2021

Very cute! The nail wraps went on easily and stayed on, and the color of the wraps was vibrant just like it is in the pictures. [...] Overall a great purchase. It's like getting a professional manicure for $6, which is an absolute steal.



OCT 20TH 2021

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